Muharrem, a deaf man living in Istanbul, just received a huge surprise when, one morning, everyone he bumped into in his neighborhood responded to him with sign language!

A team of people from Samsung and the Leo Burnett ad agency spent a month setting up cameras and teaching people throughout his neighborhood sign language. On the appointed day, Ozlem went for a walk with her deaf brother, who was stunned to meet so many signing people in a world where those who can communicate in sign are often few and far between.

The ad was designed to raise awareness about Samsung’s new call center for the deaf and hard-of-hearing in Turkey. It’s nice to see advertisements that can both raise awareness and make the world a better place.

More info: (h/t: pcmag)

Muharrem’s neighbors spent a month secretly learning sign language

Hidden cameras were placed throughout his neighborhood

One day, Muharrem, a deaf man living in Istanbul, and his sister Ozlem headed out for a walk…

…and were greeted with an unexpected “good morning” – in sign language!

The local baker was in on it too, offering bagels in sign language

This man at the grocer’s dropped his oranges and when Muharrem and Ozlem picked them up for him…

…he offers them each an apple – in sign language

Muharrem’s confused – why is everyone signing?

Et tu, taxi driver?

This man is confused, but his sister knows what’s up

As they head to the town square, the team prepares for the finale

He’s surrounded by his signing neighbors!

His reaction says it all!

This goes to show how important it is to break down communication barriers…

…and how meaningful that can be for people who experience those barriers every day

The video: