Every day, this girl uploads a photo with a particular theme using strange international holiday such as thread the needle day or tequila day. Chocolate day, take your houseplant for a walk day, peach ice cream day, make a scarecrow day, and so on.

Other days she posts random photos with interesting tiles, flowers or a drink. She created “Fruity Friday” where she posts a picture with sliced up fruit all over the place. I am wondering what she will come up with next? And what must her neighbors think of this?

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Nature Photo Day

Fruity Friday

Take Your Dog To Work Day

Chimborazo Day

Bikini Day

Lollipop day

Pretty In Red


Sauntering Day

Random Flower Day

Fairy Day

Ascension Day

Fruity Friday

Creative Ice Cream Flavors Day

Sunny Days!

Peach Ice Cream Day

Thread The Needle Day


Family Day

Caviar Day

Junkfood Day

Gorgeous Grandma Day

Camera Day