So, I was a good girl and broke my big toe.

I guess Universe was kinda reminding me, that I need to slow down and rest. But I was not listening (as usual) so this happened. We probably need to learn lessons in a hard way :)

Look at it as a little toe-dventure. I had to doodle daily to keep myself sane and to go through it as fast as possible.

More info: Facebook

Here we go – cast….

I had to give myself injections – thanks to my husband for saving me!

NOTHING was comfortable… absolutely nothing.

The most fun part is figuring out how to bring a cup of coffee from a kitchen.

Showering was an absolute adventure by itself…

I had bruises up to my ears.

My survival kit haha

My little ode to my big toe :)

I love my cats…to a small pieces sometimes LOL

Little achievements

I felt like a superhero after getting a walking cast!

Who made this torture device?

Pinky swear :)


And you cant… and it is even more frustrating…

Little moments of happiness

Skating champion

Paper work practically sticks to you at this time

Short people, windows and cast.

I dont care…. la la la

Being a princess…. NOT

Had to write it for myself

ONE day left!

Cast away in making

I am free!