Nowadays, you’ll spend hours wading through a sea of dance challenges and short comedy skits on TikTok, but one teenager decided to change the dynamic a bit by putting out videos that are considered unorthodox on the platform. Or any platform oriented towards younger audiences.

Alexis Loveraz, a 16-year-old teen from the Bronx, New York, decided to take advantage of social media to connect to an audience of eager-to-learn kids. Back in mid-February, he began releasing TikTok video lessons on a number of hard sciences, explaining complex topics in simple ways.

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Meet Alexis Loveraz, the 16 y.o. high-schooler who’s teaching math and other sciences on TikTok

Image credits: Alexis Loveraz

Loveraz has since then gained a significant following on the video-sharing platform for his concise and informative lessons, earning the title of TikTok Tutor. And, to be honest, it’s an amazing outlet for someone who’s a mathematical genius with a 4.0 grade point average at Harlem Prep High School in New York.

In the last several months, Loveraz has come out with over 100 videos covering a number of topics across mathematics, geometry, chemistry, and physics: the Pythagorean theorem, sine, cosine, and tangent, inverse functions, special right angles, conservation of atoms, electron configuration, and redox reactions, among many others.

Many praise him for being able to explain complex concepts in simple and informative ways

Image credits: Alexis Loveraz

To top it all off, he also has a long-running series of SAT-oriented preparatory lessons mostly covering algebra and geometry. All of this is sprinkled with tidbits of short Korean language lessons, introducing kids to the writing system and specific words. Viewers get to vote on the topics for Loveraz to cover, by the way, making this very audience-oriented education.

And the internet went wild. Once Loveraz’s lessons reached a wider audience, his viewership increased significantly. What was a TikTok with a modest amount of followers just a week ago now has a following of over 664,000 people with almost 6 million likes channel-wide. He explained that it’s an international audience too, coming from the US, Canada, Australia, and even the Philippines.

Loveraz covers maths, geometry, chemistry, and physics topics, with sprinkles of Korean language lessons

Image credits: Alexis Loveraz

Loveraz was surprised to see this jump in his following, but also felt very good about it because these topics are something that students had probably forgotten even before the lockdown. Not only do his videos serve as a refresher, but he also noticed that the students come out of these lessons with a better understanding about things like algebra.

His parents were surprised to see this development as well, with his mother saying how proud she is that Alexis is helping people with their schoolwork, and she is a firm believer that he can do much more.

Since the channel’s launch, Loveraz expanded into tutoring on YouTube, Discord, and Google Classrooms

Image credits: Alexis Loveraz

One of the more recent developments in his online education career is that he has also launched a YouTube, Discord channels, and Google Classrooms to make his lessons more accessible. On top of this, he also started hosting 3-hour-long live sessions every weekend that serve as interactive study groups.

Loveraz started teaching right before the COVID-19 lockdown, which turned out to be a very good coincidence. The need for education has grown greatly since the start of the global lockdown as the coronavirus crisis has transformed the way teaching is done, introducing new challenges and problems along the way. Loveraz is just one of many people who are now helping mitigate these implications, and it’s proving to be extremely effective.

On top of it all, he also hosts 3-hour live sessions over the weekends, making for some more interactive study

Image credits: Alexis Loveraz

Also, in light of this, it is amazing to see kids wanting to help their school peers and putting great effort into making this happen, all the while seeing massive amounts of support from his students who genuinely want to learn. A positive story all around, restoring people’s faith in humanity.

What was a TikTok with a modest follower count just a week ago now has a following of over 664,000 people

Image credits: Alexis Loveraz

Loveraz has over 100 videos on his TikTok already, some of which you can check out below

@alexis_loverazPythagorean Theorem Review! Can you find what Line BC= ? Comment below on what other concepts you want to go over! ##geometry ##democracyprep ##ap ##math♬ original sound – alexis_loveraz

@alexis_loverazDoing SAT Math Problems, will be doing basic to complex problems! Stay tuned for more! ##sat ##college ##school ##democracyprep ##geometry ##fyp ##1600♬ original sound – alexis_loveraz

@alexis_loverazGoing into more extreme levels of inverse functions soon! Stay tuned! ##algebra1 ##algebra2 ##fyp ##school ##democracyprep ##functions ##ap♬ original sound – alexis_loveraz

You can find more lessons on Loveraz’s TikTok. Whether you’re still in school or already out of it, anyone could learn a thing or two there.

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