I, as a starting artist experience the feeling of having no motivation every day. One day, when I was casually browsing through instagram I found this girl called Veri Adams and I fell in love. I believe her art isn’t for everyone but if you can look deeper and understand what is it all about you will feel weird calmness as if someone said what was stuck in your head for ages.

Also her style is unique. Ever seen anyone cutting things in pieces? I did a lot but not like this especially when she gave up on blending and is using simple lines to create her pieces.

I believe she puts fanart into completely different dimension.

I can’t uplad all her pictures because they don’t belong to me but you should check her out….

More info: Instagram

kim nam joon – the colors and light. It gives some kind of anger and dissapointment but at the same time its just sad and full of hope

B.A.P. Bang yong guk

I’m not sure who is this, probably some instagram famous guy


Kim Taehyung