Ellen Rococo is a famous Ukrainian artist who has been worldwide recognized for her fascinating jewelry pieces.

She has been featured on this website before and Bored Panda plays a vital role in her artistic success.

Ellen is always experimenting and when she decided to make her first “Uterus necklace”, she wanted it to be an intriguing piece, which will raise different emotions in people and she herself didn’t quite know what kind of reactions to expect. She just wanted to show how magical and how important this part of the female’s body is and how she felt about it.

The uterus is a female reproductive organ which consists of a womb, ovaries, vagina and cervix. Its shape is quite definitive and very recognisable as well as in many different cultures uterus has a sacred meaning, it is a symbol of fertility, feminity and female energy. Every female deep in her heart and soul must feel that this part of her body bears the information of her ancestors, keeps her life force within strong and makes her feel valuable, magical, special.

Ellen was very surprised, that amongst her clients alongside with some feminist ladies, came midwives, new mothers, ladies that are trying for a baby, struggling to conceive or have lost their babies in the past or had a hysterectomy for different reasons.

Quickly these necklaces and this symbol became very valuable for her clients and she started to receive many orders. Ladies started to ask for different styles, because every woman, as Ellen later understood, had a special character, favourite colours and things, had something special about them and each one of them came with her own unique story. Before she would make a new piece she always interviewed each client and then would base this particular piece on the woman’s story.

Ellen: “This made me realize that every woman is so different and there is no rights or wrongs about what kind of emotions and feelings live in the heart of each one of us. This artistic experiment took me further than I expected, into a place where I was able to meet so many interesting and different ladies through my work as well as also to catch up with my own feminine side and to look deeper within my own heart. I do kindly suggest every lady out there to try and do the same. You never know what you will find inside yourself”.

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