Hello everyone. My name is Yury. I am from Russia. And I would like tell you a little about myself for the beginning. I am a jeweler. I love stone and nature so much, it is my passion. I make my stuff only with natural stones. It is the main rule.

I love stones from my childhood. I was born in a small village in Russia and had a chance to see untouched nature every day. I always tried to find interesting stones and collected them. I dreamed of being a geologist, but my parents did not support my hobby. They told me, that it is a very difficult profession. The geologist should always be at the expedition on deposits and usually, this kind of people has not family. And I followed my parents’ advice. I entered the university and graduated from it as a foundry worker. But I did not like this deal. The years went by and I continued to dream about the stones. And I started making jewellery with stones after my main work. After a time, I understood, that it is a deal of my life.

Today I have a workshop and make jewelry every day. My children follow on my foot. We are working together. We have a quite popular online-shop in Russia. And now we are opening the shop on Etsy to connect with people of the whole world. I find it so interest! Hope, you enjoy our Russian jewellery with natural stones, I added some pictures there.

My main goal is to show you the gemstone world. How beautiful and interesting it is. How dangerous and excited is to mine the stones. How fantastic is nature around us. More about these things in my next posts.

More info: Etsy

Where gemstones live…


Genuine green garnet – uvarovite, mine only in Russia

Deep blue azurite from Altai region in Russia

Touch to the unbelievable beauty of African malachite