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This Magical Wardrobe Is Actually My Handmade Miniature
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This Magical Wardrobe Is Actually My Handmade Miniature


Dreams are a powerful source of inspiration. Our dreams act like a blender of ideas, fears and desires with a touch of who we truly are. The music we listen, the images we see, the experiences that leave a mark on us, in our dreams, they all come together to define us.

“The Wardrobe” is one of those images that appear repeatedly in my dreams. Repeatedly enough to call my attention and wanting to took it out and bring it to life.

For this project I wanted to go as “natural” or “unplug” as possible. Finding new ways to create an image and not depending so much on the post-production. Don’t get me wrong, I often use post-production softwares like Photoshop to accomplish my goals, but it always be refreshing trying new techniques. Is not just a matter of doing things different, is also a matter of defining your self.

Saying so, “The Wardrobe” is not a one shot image. I did took several images for latter combine them to create the final art. But my goal was to achieve all the effects and images for real on camera. For that if I needed a cloudy background, instead of doing a composite, I went on location. If I needed fog, I used Dry Ice. If I needed a ancient ruin, I builded my self, and so on. Soon I found my self doing things that I had forgotten or that I would never think I could be able to do, and of course, by doing them, it opened a new door for me… One new door full of new possibilities for creation.

The Wardrobe keeps in it mysteries for all of you to discover. I have opened the wardrobe doors and discovered mine.

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