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78 Artists Interpret The Colors Of Skin
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78 Artists Interpret The Colors Of Skin


The Color of Skin Virtual Exhibition features a diverse range of seventy-eight artworks that explore the complexities of skin color. The exhibit aims to challenge the traditional perceptions and highlight the individuality of each artist’s interpretation. The artists come from various backgrounds, cultures, and experiences, and their artworks reflect their personal experiences and perspectives on the subject.

The art exhibition not only showcases the artists’ interpretations of skin color but also serves as both a platform for discussion and a challenge to the traditional standards and perceptions. It confronts societal norms and perceptions and encourages viewers to see skin color in a new light.

The timing of the exhibit is also significant, as it comes at a time when conversations about race and representation are at the forefront of social and political discussions. The exhibit serves as a reminder of the power of art to spark awareness and bring about change. The exhibit runs until April 26th at with a virtual reception on March 4th. The concept was conceived by artists/curators, Michael Craft, Lisa D’Amico PhD and Andrew Maisonette.

PARTICIPATING ARTISTS: Zelda aka Judith Z. Miller, Wendy Drews, Walaa Shaabneh, Trine Giaever, Teresa Pereira, Sherri Paul, Sharon Frey, Shaina Aiyana Dunn, Sasha Zinevych, Sal Russo, Robin Henschel, Robert Hopkins, Rich Wagner, Raquel Malta, Rachel Kleinman, Peggy Opalek, Patti Ivry, Patricia Stuart, Pamela Berkeley, Pam Grafstein, Pam Malone, Navahjo Stoller, Mittul Mishra, Maxine Young, Mark Harris, Marla Anzelona, Marilyn Benkler, Maria Lord, Mari Keeler Cornwell, Linda Friedman Schmidt, Lilly Nin, Leonard Mesonas, Lee Jordan, Karen McClendon, Kalin M. Brown, Judith Rose, Joy Bird, Joe LaMattina, Joan Koppel, Joan Park, Jessie Taylor, Jessie A.K. Petersen, Janet Pirozzi Riolo, Jamie Taylor, Isabella Capanna, Inez Sieben, Hilda Demsky, Franklin Silva, Gregory Beise, Eunice LaFate, Erika Hewston, Erica Soto, Erica Hart, Ellen Pliskin, Elizabeth Lauri, Elaine Schloss, Donna Faranda, Diane Rosen, Debbie Silberberg, Deke Strauss, Debra Livingston, David K. Dixon, Dana Monique Simmons, Dan Fiore, Dan McCormack, Collette Fournier, Christina Stow, Bonnie Bard, Bern Cohen, Barbara ten Broeke, Barbara Chen, Aviva Sakolsky, Anne H. Pollack, Angela Denise, Andy Holliman, Andrea Swenson, Annette Back


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