I’ve been wandering around the world for three years which funnily enough is the length of time that I’ve both owned a camera and had a natural attraction to landscape photography. I can recall the day that I climbed my first mountain at Machu Picchu in Peru in 2013. As I reached the peak at sunrise, I was intoxicated by a sense of achievement. I stared back towards the ancient city with the Urubamba River snaking around the valley below; grinning from ear to ear, I knew that from that moment onwards, I was hooked.

The Canadian Rockies would have to be the most visually spectacular regions that I have been to in all of North America. I could not believe that it took me so long to make it there and experience the region’s natural beauty. After spending a whirlwind twelve days of exploring the lakes in Banff, the mind blowing scenic Icefield Parkway heading to Jasper, and flying into the isolated and grizzly bear inhabited lands of Assiniboine Provincial Park in British Columbia, it became increasingly difficult to leave.

Now I know why many of us Aussies go there for a season and never leave. You can spend a lifetime exploring and never become tired of it.

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If you’re not pulling over for the wildlife, then you’re pulling over for scenes like this.

Seeing the scale of the area by air is an added bonus

Even the greyest of mornings can yield the biggest surprises

Sunset at Castle Mountain in Banff. Don’t be afraid to get your feet wet.


This place can make you feel so small and insignificant

Athabasca Falls in Jasper National Park

Assiniboine Provincial Park is only accessible by helicopter or a six hour hike

I’ve never seen perfect reflections as those at Moraine Lake


It’s easy to get lost in time while admiring the view

The Icefield Parkway is one of the most scenic stretches of road that been on


Even when it’s gloomy, this place is still stunning

A lot of the photography here, I call carpark shooting. It’s not too far from the car to scenes like this.

The fall is the best time to experience the changing colours in the foliage


Where there are glaciers, there are waterfalls

I just sat in the one spot at Bow Lake and watched the low cloud dance across the mountains

The grizzly bear threat makes it all worth while