Annoying your brother or sister is pretty much the most important duty when you’re a sibling and it has to be approached creatively. That is why this Tumblr user’s Jennifer Wilbur’s sister’s practical joke should be appreciated and held as an example for everyone else.

The thing is, Jennifer loves The Beatles so much she has the name of the band stuck on her bedroom door. Whereas, Jen’s sister loves Jennifer so much she doesn’t mind taking some time out of her day to rearrange the letters on that same door into something completely different. “I’ve given up trying to make them normal,” commented the victim of the prank before showing the whole world what an inventive sibling she has.

Who knew there were so many anagrams you can make from “The Beatles” anyway? Scroll down to see them for yourself and give it a go yourself, see what fun new combinations you can arrange from the letters at hand.

Source: Tumblr