Swiss comedian and cabaret artist Ursus Wehrli, who never lacks creative ideas, is releasing a new book called The Art of Clean Up, where he rearranges and cleans up our chaotic world and its everyday objects into neat rows, sorted by color, size, shape, or type. Some might say his organization ideas are the case of OCD, but as far as we know, the artist is perfectly fine and has a really good sense of humor.

Ursus Wehrli is also the author of Tidying Up Art, an art installation that yearns toward a more rational, more organized and cleaner form of modern art. In deconstructing the unique artworks of Paul Klee, Jasper Johns, and other masters into its component parts, organized by color and size, Wehrli posits a more perfect art world. [1]

Now let’s take a glimpse into the cool photos of his upcoming book. Would you like to live in such a world?