Almost everybody knows the Addams family – their creepy monochrome antics are a TV classic. Which makes these pictures all the more surprising, then – they indicate that the Addams family’s living room set was covered in pink, red, turquoise, and other decidedly non-Addams-family-ish colors.

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There can be various reasons behind this striking contrast. Because the Addams Family was filmed in black and white, the colors for some of the items simply didn’t matter – if they found an object that looked just right for the set but was colored baby blue, they could still use it. Another reason was the way that black-and-white film registers certain colors when shooting. In other black-and-white films, characters often had to wear strange shades of lipstick (like brown or green) to get the right shades to appear on black-and-white film. As such, many of the color choices on this strangely colorful Addams family set were probably deliberate – they all came together to create the dark and quirky world that so many of us know and love.

The Addams Family, consisting of Gomez, Morticia, Uncle Fester, Lurch, Grandmama, Wednesday, Pugsley and Thing, began as a set of characters created by cartoon artist Charles Addams. Their popularity also saw them adapted for TV, film and other media.

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