Ever wondered how you can get yourself into the VIP section of a band’s concert? It sounds like a difficult thing to do, but as this teenager recently proved, it’s actually surprisingly easy. All you need to do is edit the band’s Wikipedia page to say that you’re related to the band and voila, access all areas!

The mastermind behind this sneaky plan is Adam Boyd from Crewe, UK, who came up with the idea after turning up late to watch The Sherlocks at the Royal Albert Hall in Manchester. “So last night I went to see a band, but we got in late and our view was shite,” he wrote on Facebook. “In my drunken state I edited the band’s Wikipedia page to say I was family, and it worked!” The quick-thinking teen amended the article so that it said he was the lead singer’s cousin. He even wrote that he influenced the band’s first single! You’ve got to hand it to him – he might not be related to the band but he’s certainly got a brain like Sherlock!

This teen had a brilliant idea when he couldn’t see the band very well at a concert recently

He decided to change their Wikipedia page to say he was family

He showed the page to the bouncer, who then allowed him into the VIP section where the view was much better


He even wrote that he influenced the band’s first single!

“I looked up and saw the VIP entrance and told my friends “I’m going to try and get up there””

The bouncer didn’t notice that he’d only changed the Wikipedia page minutes beforehand

“I cannot believe it worked. I was expecting to be kicked out for trying”

Adam hung out in the VIP section for a few songs before returning to his friends downstairs


Needless to say, people were pretty impressed by his sneaky plan