A heartfelt video of a former ballerina with Alzheimer’s recalling the upper-body choreography of Tchaikovsky’s “Swan Lake” is going viral. Although filmed last year, the video resurfaced once again, probably proving how much people need heartwarming content in these times of hardship and uncertainty.

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This video of prima ballerina Marta C. González dancing to Swan Lake is going viral

Image credits: Música para Despertar

Marta C. González, a former New York City Ballet prima ballerina, suffered from memory loss in her old age and was bound to a wheelchair. However, all it took was the power of music to bring back her precious memories of the bygone ballet years.

The former New York City Ballet dancer had Alzheimer’s

Image credits: Música para Despertar

But upon hearing Tchaikovsky’s music, she began doing the upper-body choreography

Image credits: Música para Despertar

Upon hearing the music so familiar to her ears, Marta is seen beginning to move her arms to dance the routine she did many decades ago. The touching video also features archival performance footage from when she danced Swan Lake in 1967.

Sadly, the prima ballerina is no longer with us, and her age at the time of death is unknown.

Sadly, Marta is no longer here, but she left a beautiful legacy that won’t be forgotten for long


Image credits: Música para Despertar

The unearthed clip of Marta C. González was recorded last year by Música para Despertar (Music to Wake Up To)—an advocacy group for music therapy. Since it was reshared by choreographer and theatre director Arlene Phillips on Twitter, the video now has over 1.4M views. “This has absolutely broken my heart this morning. The glimpses of memory, the sadness for those with or a loved one living with Alzheimer’s. Support @alzheimerssoc and @AlzResearchUK,” Arlene wrote in her tweet.

Especially after having touched hearts of so many people all around the globe

Image credits: Música para Despertar

People online found the video beautiful. “This brought tears to my eyes. The power of music and how it provokes memories,” someone commented on Twitter. “Just breathtaking and heartbreaking. I wept,” another user added.

People online found the video soul-crushingly beautiful

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