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This Suspended Tent Lets You Sleep In The Trees
User submission
Travel8 years ago

This Suspended Tent Lets You Sleep In The Trees

This isn’t some surreal work of art or alien structure – it’s a tent! The Tentsile, a portable suspended tent (Tent? Treehouse? Hammock?) created by UK-based inventor Alex Shirley-Smith, solves the problem of setting up camp on rocky, muddy, or otherwise unpleasant surfaces by hanging from the trees.

In addition to avoiding unpleasant conditions, the treehouse tent also avoids ground-based bugs, snakes, and other larger and more dangerous creatures. And it helps people enjoy the wonder of hanging out in trees; “Maybe by encouraging others to enjoy this, we might think twice about cutting them down,” writes Shirley-Smith.

The Tentsile was envisioned by Shirley-Smith in 2010, and the first production model was launched in early 2013. In April of this year, the company unveiled smaller, more light-weight models as well. These tents can also be deployed on the ground if there are no trees to be found.

More info: (h/t: colossal, modernmet)


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