When Croissant meets Donut (“Cronut”), Ramen meets Burger (“Ramen Burger”) or Pho meets Dumpling (…”Phumpling”), you get the best of both worlds. The same goes for our shop3xu “Matchbox-Card”.

Inspired by the elements of greeting cards, gift boxes, and miniatures, these tiny “cards” are hand-crafted from real matchboxes and hand colored individually to give each of them that very personalized feel. But the best part has to do with the connection between the cover and the hidden message inside each box, which creates a sweet little surprise for the person who opens them.

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Tiny cards for your loved ones…

… with a little extra humour


Simple & fun messages that can brighten someone’s day

Proposing doesn’t have to be so difficult

Geek mode ON

Tiniest little letters!

Say sorry in the cutest way

Floral suitcase miniature

Special holiday DIY set