Veganism is becoming increasingly common in affluent western societies, alongside a curiously heated discussion about its merits and the personal choices people make about their own diets. No matter what you may think about the subject, one has to admire the discipline, dedication and education that vegans possess when it comes to food and the worryingly influential industry that has grown around it, vegans have taken an admirable ethical stance in the fight for a more sustainable and kinder world.

However it would seem that not all vegans have taken the time to properly educate themselves about the limitations of their diet, and are simply jumping on the bandwagon. This short tale, told by Redditor Gresh66, is a perfect example of someone who appears to be a strict adherent to veganism on the outside, but doesn’t even know the most basic realities of food and where it comes from. Without this knowledge, the moral high ground that many ‘bandwagon’ vegans appear to crave is somewhat diminished, so please, try to learn as much as you possibly can to avoid the kind of surprise that this woman received!

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A Subway worker recently told of the time he taught a vegan that mayonnaise is not actually vegan

Most people reacted with amusement to the story