In a time when original ideas are hard to come by, it’s no wonder that things get copied and stolen, especially on the internet. However, an ice cream company ColdStone crossed the line when they plagiarised art for their Indian branch.

Last week, Adam Ellis, former BuzzFeed employee and artist, shared his story on Twitter, where it quickly gained attention. He pointed out that Coldstone traced and stole some of his work for their Instagram page and urged the company to donate to Inner City Arts, a creative space in Los Angeles, where children can explore their creativity. People quickly expressed their feelings on such plagiarism and unsurprisingly, they weren’t too happy.

The company has responded and just a week later, Adam Ellis posted an update on the entire situation that offered a glimmer of hope for all artists. Read the story below to see how it unfolded and tell us if you think Ellis did the right thing.

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Remember Adam Ellis who quit Buzzfeed to pursue his artist career?

Well, last week Ellis posted about ColdStone stealing his work and offered an interesting way to solve this

Take a look at one of his comics, which shows Adam’s distinctive drawing style

Now take a look at some of the art that was traced and stolen

Understandably, people were not too happy about such plagiarism

And just a couple days ago, Ellis tweeted Coldstone’s response

However, not everyone was happy

Others were happy about the exchange and were quick to support the artist