How did this style happen? In 1996 on the island of St. Lucia while painting a silk batik for a client I was visited by my 3-year-old daughter Helen in my studio. She always runs over to hug me, but on that day she was holding a cup of water which ended up all over the still drying painting. I was blown away by the effects created by the water so much so that I started trying to recreate it. The rest is history, a new style of painting had been born, the dotted wet on wet application of silk paints resulting in textures and hues never before seen.

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This piece shows the complex results of painting in a wet on wet style on silk. You actually feel as if you are underwater with the turtle.

Wax resist on silk

The wax resists hand drawn onto the silk to create the outline for the art composition.

Stretched silk

The silk is suspended onto a stretcher frame so that liquid water based silk paints can be applied using tiny Sumi Pony hair brushes.


Shimmering Light Water Technique

This is the painting technique which I invented in 1996.