Speaking more than one language can get you places. Especially if you’re working in tourism. At first, it seemed like that was the case for Reddit user Classy_Pyro. They got a job at a hotel and was promised a bonus for every foreign language they spoke. However, when it came to actually paying them, the managers thought they’d get tricky. And they did. But it totally backfired. You see, Classy_Pyro is an expert in malicious compliance and taught the higher-ups a lesson. When a huge wave of clients flooded the hotel, they refused to speak the tongue they weren’t paid for. Needless to say, it caused quite the chaos.

Image credits: Jose and Roxanne (not the actual photo)

Classy_Pyro has been working at the hotel for nearly two years. “The hotel’s structure is pretty good, lots of rooms, generally competent staff,” they told Bored Panda. “Though management is rather efficient with most things, lack of proper management and sometimes absurd mismanagement [account for] 70% – 80% of the problems we face in daily operations.”

“I still haven’t received a word from HR about [the bonus], I might hear something during the next payday. Hopefully, I’ll receive it, but if I don’t, I can already front you that if ellos no me van a pagar, yo no voy a hablar (if they don’t pay me, I won’t speak it). Honestly, I just think they don’t want to deal with the costs of it or allow someone else who struggle with another foreign language to try and claim a bonus for themselves.”

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