This past year has been pretty tough, and at this point, we’re all tired, disappointed, and in desperate need of a nap. However, there’s a little silver lining to this whole situation that will hopefully make you feel at least a tiny bit better.

A few days ago, Twitter user @goblinkoenig shared some photos of the South American rodent called the viscacha that, apparently, looks like an animal embodiment of all the feelings most of us have been experiencing throughout this ongoing global pandemic. I mean, honestly, just look at that face.

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This South American animal that sort of looks like a mix of a rabbit and a chinchilla is called the southern viscacha

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“Today I learned that this exists. It’s a viscacha. I feel you, buddy,” @goblinkoenig wrote in her Twitter post featuring a couple of photos of the adorable southern viscacha. The post has instantly gone viral and, in just a few days, gathered over 300k likes along with more than 66k retweets.

Recently, this adorable creature has been going viral for its incredibly relatable facial expression

Image credits: goblinkoenig

Our latest internet sensation, the animal that sort of looks like a mix between a rabbit and a chinchilla, appears to have drooping mouth corners and eyes that are almost always closed, which make the animal look as if it’s constantly sad, disappointed, and sleepy.


As you can see, the southern viscacha looks as if it’s tired, disappointed, uninterested, and in desperate need of a nap

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Image credits: goblinkoenig

The southern viscacha is a rodent that is native to Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, and Peru. They live in small groups among rocks and around crags. These viscachas are mostly active soon after dawn and in the evening, while for the rest of the day, they usually stay underground in their hiding place. They also spend some time perched on a rock sunbathing, grooming, and resting.

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Southern viscachas mostly feed on grasses, moss, and lichens.

There are no major threats to the population of these animals (their conservation status is currently “least concern”); however, they suffer from weather conditions and are hunted for their flesh and fur.


Image credits: S. Rae

Thousands of people on Twitter seem to be relating to southern viscachas on a spiritual level

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Besides, our latest internet sensation has already inspired quite a few talented artists

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Had you ever seen this animal before? Do you find his hilarious facial expression as relatable as we do? Tell us down in the comments!