My photography project “Soon to be gone” analyses the changes in Lithuanian countryside life. I was working on it from 2014 and it’s already my 3rd year in. I am travelling through Lithuania on my motorbike and it’s already almost 3000km done, that is why these photo series are now covering a pretty large area of it. I hope in the long run it will cover all of the Lithuania.

Just within the last decade, this continuous migration has caused the population of Lithuania to shrink by almost one-sixth. Towns that have usurped the whole economics and are sucking out young people to the cities, inappropriate lifestyle often adopted by the young rural generation – those who are still here – all this is inexorably changing our country. Just one question inevitably arises: for how long will our forests and valleys be adorned by views of homesteads and villages – places where a totally different understanding of time and closeness still exists? For how long will there still be found places, where an unexpected visitor is met like a close relative and every passer-by, is greeted with a heartfelt ‘hello’?

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Grain repository, Reskutenai, Svencionys district

Tolik and Dainius, Jokubonys, Moletai district

Village mailbox, Pasuosiai, Panevezys district

Marijona, Viktariskiai, Kupiskis district


Children, Krakes, Kedainiai district


Geese, Rudninkai, Salcininkai district

Stanislav and Karolcik, Turgeliai, Salcininkai district

Private Property, Mociunai, Kedainiai district


Children, Naujieji Lazai, Kedainiai district

Water reservoir, Pasvalys district

Aldona and Stasys, Vilijampole, Kaunas district

House for one, Panevezys district


Juozas, Barsukine, Kedainiai district


Abandoned car, Rudninkai, Salcininkai district

Jadvyga, 89, Krakes, Kedainiai district

Food container, Panevezys district

Abandoned house, Vincgalys, Kedainiai district

Grain, Narteikiai, Pasvalys district

Crossing, Gelainiai, Kedainiai disctrict

Abandoned house, Panevezys district


Ernestas, Visakio Ruda, Marijampole district

Bucket of Milk, Jokubonys, Vilnius district

Parish children, Krakes, Kedainiai district

Cabbage and Milk, Viktariskiai, Kupiskis district

Janina, Zizmai, Salcininkai district

Stanislovas, Gintauciai, Raseiniai district

Abandoned house, Raseiniai district

Kid, Jasiunai, Salcininkai district


Book on Franklin D. Roosevelt, Raseiniai district

Crucifix, Merkine, Salcininkai district

Donatas and Justas, Astruvka, Jonava district

Abandoned house, Jugintai, Kedainiai district

Julijona, Purviskes, Kaunas district

Children, Vadakteliai, Panevėzys district

Swings, Milvydai, Kedainiai district