Like father, like sons. Thomas Romain (previously here and here) is a French anime artist who lives in Tokyo and has found a cool way of bonding with his two boys. When he’s not working on his commercial projects, Thomas spends time on an ongoing family collaboration. It goes like this: his kids come up with different interesting character designs and Thomas works his magic to transform them into TV-worthy cartoon characters like golems, warriors, and other anime heroes.


“We have very few rules when collaborating,” Romain told Bored Panda. “I don’t give them themes for their cartoon drawings unless they run out of inspiration. They’re free to draw whatever cool characters they want and I’m free to decide which of their character drawings I’ll work on. We’ve agreed that they color their drawings. I don’t accept black and white drawings as I believe they need to think about the color palette on their own. Lastly, I work alternatively with both of them.”


“Drawing is difficult, it takes years of practice to reach a good technical level. There are lots of rules about perspective, light, composition, and honestly I don’t want to bother my sons Itsuki and Ryunosuke too much with that as they are still young. The most important thing is to have fun with their anime characters. I also don’t want to impose drawing classes on them. I’m just giving them some hints from time to time or do short and fun sessions where I explain to them, for example, human proportions.”



“They don’t draw that often, actually. They aren’t as passionate about drawing as me when I was a kid. But that’s fine. Nowadays, we have so many activities and games for children that it’s difficult for them to focus on a single activity.”


“Sometimes they draw naturally, sometimes I need to ask them to pick it up a little bit. Otherwise, they just play video games! They love making stuff in Minecraft and Super Mario Maker.”

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