You know those little metal figure 8 things that help open your favorite can of soda pop? You can do some pretty amazing things with can tabs! But one problem with collecting these… WE DON’T DRINK SODA! Thankfully, just when I thought all hope was lost for trying a can tab upcycle, I found a bag of them at our reuse it shop.

I’ve also always wanted a chandelier, however looking at the price tags of those big, sparkly ones made the decision easy to make one from can tabs instead!

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Finished chandelier, lights on

Lights off

It took nearly two weeks and nearly 1,000 tabs to create enough chains

By bending back the thick end of the can tab I was able to use jump rings to link them together

To hang the chains I painted some embroidery hoops and evenly added small screws on the outside/inside edges

What’s a chandelier without lights? String lights were added to the inside of the largest hoop and the battery pack was hidden in the top hoop

And ta-da!

Watch how it was made in this video: