Sometimes, no matter what you do, no matter how hard you try, you’ll never be able to reach a person’s sky-high standards because they keep moving the goalposts. Individuals like that just want to trip you up and watch you fail, so they’ll scrutinize every move you make and badger you incessantly, trying to break you.

Reddit user Easy0lucky0free posted a viral story about how she got back at her store manager who was constantly harassing her about supposed dress code violations. And all it took for revenge to happen was for the protagonist to visit a hair salon and dye her hair gray.

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Image credits: easy0lucky0free

Easy0lucky0free’s story got over 10,800 upvotes on Reddit. More than 420 people commented on the post as well. The woman described how her store’s dress code was incredibly strict, while her manager kept on harassing her for supposedly not following the rules for attire. According to the Redditor, what was happening was nitpicking of epic proportions.

So she decided to get some revenge and prove a point. Her manager dyed her hair black and bleached a part of it, which obviously went against the store’s policy of hair having to look ‘natural,’ yet nobody talked about it. Easy0lucky0free dyed her hair gray and ‘proved’ to her manager that gray looks more natural than bleached hair. What’s more, the higher-ups forced her manager to dye her hair to look different.

Dress codes at work can be a contentious topic. Bored Panda previously wrote about how a woman was forced to wear incredibly uncomfortable clothing and high heels at a casino and how she proved to management that they were in the wrong by letting blood from her feet drip on the floor.

Whatever you might think of dress codes, they’re not wrong in and of themselves if the clothes don’t cause obvious discomfort or pose a danger to your health. The Muse explains that dress codes won’t be going away anytime soon because of several reasons.

First of all, the way a company asks you to dress reflects the institution’s values; it’s natural for different companies to prioritize different things. Secondly, dress codes are invaluable when meeting clients because the first impression you make really does matter. Thirdly, dress codes are a great equalizer, putting everybody on the same playing field, and prioritizing effort and ideas.

On the other hand, dress codes have their cons as well. For example, strict rules regarding clothing go against people’s desire for individuality and expression. Too much conformity can be stifling for some individuals. Furthermore, some people argue that dress codes are ‘sexist,’ because there are different standards for men and women.

Dear Pandas, what is your opinion about dress codes? Do you think that what Easy0lucky0free did was right? Have you ever worked in an environment with a shockingly strict dress code? Be sure to share your thoughts and experiences with everyone in the comments.

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