“This kind of stuff will always be the best part of fame,” Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson captioned an Instagram video posted Monday night. The actor and former wrestler had received an email from a fan asking for a shout-out, but a very special one, and he just couldn’t refuse.

Inside the email was the story of Judy Rosenberg, a 76-year-old grandmother who just entered hospice care with stage 4 pancreatic cancer. Though she reportedly has the support of her husband, 5 children, and (drum roll) 17 grandchildren, Judy’s greatest comfort in the world happens to be a life-size, scantily clad cardboard cutout of The Rock, which has accompanied her to her current residence. She is said to be a “potty mouth,” and just wanted her hero to tell her she was sexy.

Johnson happily obliged, and while we don’t have any updates on whether or not Judy has seen the video, we’re sure she’ll be over the moon when she does. “Stay strong Judy, you sexy tiger. We’re all sending you and your family love and light during this time and I’m an extremely grateful man this email reached my eyes,” The Rock further wrote. Say what you will about celebrities, but every now and then, they use their fame to do some serious good.

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