Many of us might have faced some paranormal situations in life.

Listed below are a few encounters with the living dead.


I was walking on the roadside footpath when a girl asked me for the time. I told her the time and moved on. A little later I saw her poster on the wall stating ‘Sad Demise’


On the night of my Grandma’s death, my parent went for her funeral leaving the four of us kids alone. My Grandma used to always blow air in my ear which would make me sleep.
That night when I fell asleep, a strong wind blew across my ear which kept me awake for the rest of the night


One of my friends loved Lilies and always used to keep them in her home. The night she died we slept at her place with her sister.
The whole night the house smelled like Lilies


On the first death anniversary of my friend’s mother, we all slept at her place to give some support.
The next day we saw her talking about her dream last night in which her mother mentioned some documents needing urgent attention.
She found them at the said place and inherited a fortune


We were driving on a dark road when we saw a boy jumping in front of the car. We screeched on the brakes. He got scared for a second and then smiled and left.
When we came near that place in the morning, we couldn’t find any tree of nearby


We went trekking last December and got late to return.
On our way we forgot the road and were struggling in the middle of the forest to find a road nearby.
A local man met us and started chatting with us whilst guiding us out of the forest.
When we turned to say Thank you, there was no one nearby