There should be no surprise as to why dogs are considered man’s best friend. Their unconditional love, loyal companionship, and the fact that they greet us with extreme joy as we return home from work are just some of the many reasons why they’re awesome.

So it is hence natural for us to reciprocate and to make our beloved doggos feel as special as they make us feel happy. And this can come in many shapes and forms.

A family from Perth, Australia recently honored their family dog by throwing him a surprise birthday party with a cake and everything! And, oh my, the little pupper couldn’t contain his happiness.

Meet Bailey, the senior doggo who just celebrated his 13th birthday & was super excited about it

Image credits: Katie D’Souza

Katie D’Souza recently shared a video and some photographs commemorating the birthday of their family dog named Bailey. Bailey turned 13 years old (that’s about 68 in dog years) on February 5th and received an awesome surprise.

The whole family threw a surprise birthday party for the senior dog. You’d better believe that it included the entire package: a full-blown cake, the blowing out of the candles, a full birthday song, a birthday kiss, and even gifts!

Image credits: Katie D’Souza

A video of Bailey’s birthday party with his family has been going viral because of how adorably happy Bailey got

Image credits: Katie D’Souza

In the video, the family is seen singing the traditional Happy Birthday song while little Bailey is bursting with excitement—shuffling around on his chair, glancing at his owners, giddy with anticipation to have a go at the cake before him.

The Facebook post included the caption “Happy 13th birthday to our boy BAILEY! He brings us so much joy and we love him heaps!” And while Bailey, like many dogs, does not grasp the concept of a birthday, he still appreciates his family’s love in ways that are beyond adorable.

Image credits: Katie D’Souza

This was their way of showing their endless love and saying ‘thank you’ to Bailey for bringing them much joy

Image credits: Katie D’Souza

For those wondering what Bailey got for his birthday (apart from the cake), it was a hot-dog chew toy, as seen in one of the photos included in this article. That smile says it all, folks!

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Here is the video of the family singing Happy Birthday and Bailey getting super excited

The internet thought it was adorable, with some sharing about their own doggy birthday parties