Anne-Marie Verron, a French artist, has given birth to a whole dream world. She creates textile sculptures under the name “The Bear Fallen from the Stars” (L’ours tombé des étoiles, in French). Each bear is unique and full of personality, it seems to have its very own story. Mohair and alpaca are scissor and needle sculpted to bring to life a new character.

“I draw my own patterns: a same pattern can be used once or twice but I always change details and of course the materials. Consequently, I never create the same bear twice: each one is unique, even if they certainly look like siblings! Each bear is 5 or 6 way jointed, which allows it to take many life-like poses.”

Since she became a Teddy Bear artist in 2006, her bears have been adopted from all around the world. The last years have been particularly successful, as her work got the recognition it deserved. “Since 2014, I am the first bear maker to be a member of the prestigious Art Workshops of France: artist bears are quite unknown in France, so it is a great recognition as an arts and crafts discipline. For my first participation, I had the honor to get a TOBY Industry’s Choice Awards 2015, for my bear Leon.”

Anne-Marie Verron’s OOAK bears are only available online, on her website. “The bears you will find here are textile art, unique pieces to decorate your home. But why do they look so sad and melancholic? Because they have fallen from the stars… And from Ursa Major to our planet, what a trip ! They are lost and looking for a new home. Why not yours?”

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Théodore & Barnabé

Léon, Ophélie & Clarisse


Benjamin & Annette