Over the years, I started collecting more plant seeds and seed pods and began taking more cool photos. Most of the designs are spontaneous. In the sense when I look at seed or seed pod, a creative idea hits me. Once an idea hits me, I try to implement variations of the idea. A series of insect scenes began like this.

Because of the amazing variety and natural beauty of seeds and seed pods, I realized that they could be thought of as a new art medium. Instead of using paint, as a traditional artist would, I would lay down various tree seeds and seed pods to make new compositions.

Another interesting aspect is that seeds and seed pods will change over time. They will dry out, change color, and often crack. Seeds encased in a fruity cover will be bright and shiny when at peak ripeness. Over time the fruit will dry and darken. This means that there is a time constraint to using some seeds. When I collect those types of seeds, there is not much time to come up with some unique art if I want to use the seeds in a fresh state. Collecting seeds and seed pods is also a seasonal business, so to speak as you can only collect them usually once a year.

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Artistic image lit to enhance the mood of being surprised. Okra, macadamia, Sena spectabilis, Acacia erioloba, Cassia leptophylla seed, acorn, Cassia leptophila and other seed pods.

Bugs At Night

Bottle brush seed pods, Mescal bean seed pods, Acacia erioloba seed pods, Gold Medallion Tree (Cassia leptophylla), eucalyptus seed pods and other seeds.



Artistic photograph of spermatozoa heading to egg. Comprised of Eucalyptus pods and Strawberry tree fruity covered seeds.

Two Ice Cream Cones

Composition of seeds and seed pods I arranged to look like ice cream cones with fruits and nuts. All natural colors. American sycamore and Strawberry tree, Mexican buckeye and Chinese tallow seeds.

American Flag

Pittosporum tobira seed pods and Chinese tallow seeds.

Goofy And Indian Faces

Sena spectabilis, Acacia erioloba, Acacia farnesiana, mangrove seed pod, manzanita, bottlebrush seed pods, acorn, macadamia and other seeds.

Bugs And Mushrooms

Acorns, pine seeds, cassia leptophylla, senna spectabilis, oak galls and other seed pods and seeds.



Dragonflies with plants with small insects. Tipuana tipu seeds, rosehips, Mexican buckeye, Nerium oleander, Gold Medallion Tree (Cassia leptophylla), Sweet acacia (Acacia farnesiana), eucalyptus seed pods and other seeds.

Angry Alien And Aboriginal

Sapote, Acacia farnesiana, Acacia stenophylla, bottlebrush, eucalyptus, Okra, Wattell brush, macadamia, Acacia erioloba, Sena spectabilis, acorn, Cassia leptophylla and other seed pods.

Crawling Things

Eucalyptus seed pods, birch seed pods, and other seeds.

Flying insect with plants

Camel Thorn Tree (Acacia erioloba), Strawberry tree fruit, Bottlebrush pods, Gold Medallion Tree (Cassia leptophylla), Alder and other pods.