Some dogs like to play in the rain. They tend to run around catching raindrops (or if it’s winter—snowflakes). However, when you see a long-haired breed like a golden retriever getting drenched in the rain, you’re not quite sure if it’s enjoying itself or just waiting to get the heck out of there.

Well, this one security guard at Morrisons, a supermarket chain in the United Kingdom, had that same question: Do dogs really enjoy rain? Just to be safe, not actually knowing if this particular golden retriever waiting for his owner at the supermarket enjoyed the rain or not, he decided to come over and shield him from the downpour using his umbrella. Oh, and believe you me, the internet loved it!

A Morrisons security guard has been going viral lately for shielding this adorable goldie from the rain

Image credits: MelGracie_

Meet Ethan Dearman, a security guard who protects the Morrisons supermarket in Giffnock, Scotland, who was doing his rounds around the store when he stumbled upon a lone golden retriever in the rain. Without hesitation, he approached the adorable dog and held his umbrella over him so that the doggo wouldn’t get wet.

It turns out, it wasn’t raining when the dog was tied to the post, but since Ethan couldn’t move someone else’s dog when it started to pour cats and dogs, he found the next best thing and used his umbrella.

Mel Gracie, a 25-year-old tattoo artist from Glasgow, was in her car when she saw this wholesome display, and decided to snap a picture. She soon uploaded it to her Twitter with the caption: “Shout out to this @Morrisons security man keeping this good boy dry. He said, ‘Well, you never know how dogs feel about the rain.’”


The security guard was soon identified as Ethan Dearman, and the internet showered him with praise and thanks for his wholesome deed

Image credits: Ethan Dearman

The picture features Ethan in all of his security attire holding a dark green umbrella closely above the golden retriever during typical Scottish rainfall. Note that the security guard isn’t at all shielding himself from the rain. Yah, I know Scots are practically immune to rain and nobody else has an umbrella in the photo, but let’s not diminish the fact that this man prioritized the goldie over himself.

Much to everyone’s surprise, the picture went viral. In just a couple of days, the photo received over 143,000 likes with nearly 20,000 retweets. Many found this amazing, saying that the security man is a good man, with some even calling him a hero and demanding he get a raise for caring for the well-being of store patrons and their dog companions alike.

It wasn’t long until people online fell in love with this story and found Ethan, expressing their gratitude and praising his selfless actions. It also wasn’t long until the dog’s owner David Cherry also found out that his dog was going viral on the internet, and also thanked Ethan for his kindness.

David Cherry, the dog’s owner, also thanked the security guard for his act of kindness


Image credits: davidjcherry

“Thanks to security man @dearmanethan for putting the umbrella over Freddie when it started to rain! So kind! He’s always so nice to my brother Stuart, my Dad and our Freddie! Here’s Freddie when he was a puppy!” said David in his tweet which also featured an adorable shot of Freddie the Goldie when he was a wee pup.

David followed up with another tweet explaining a little bit about the situation: “Our dog Freddie has went viral after a kind security man put up his umbrella for Freddie when it started raining at the Morrisons near my parents house. Good community vibes. People looking out for each other. He’s always nice to my Dad and brother, it’s nice to hear nice things.”

Ethan also responded to this news on Twitter saying that he didn’t think this would go as viral as it did: “I knew I was making people smile but this is something else entirely, lol.”

Turns out, the adorable pupper’s name is Freddie, and the internet fell in love with him as much as they praised Ethan

Image credits: davidjcherry

Morrisons retweeted the picture soon after it went viral. According to LADBible, Morrisons also told them that they have issued 9,000 branded umbrellas to keep their customers—and their dogs—safe and dry. They also said that it’s nice to see this happening as seen in the Giffnock store.


What are your thoughts on this? Should all supermarket security guards keep an umbrella with them for situations like this? Let us know in the comments section below!

The internet loved this story, calling the guard a hero—so much that when Morrisons reacted, they started asking to give Ethan a raise and recognition

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