While making something from metal requires a lot of patience and skills, creating art from recycled metal materials takes even more time and accuracy. The talented artists presented in this list prove, that scrap metal could be transformed even into impressive pieces of art.

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Using everything from old car or bike parts, to unusable electronics, broken devices or watch components, these people create miniature insects, elegant animals and abstract creatures.

We’d love to invite artists from all over the world to share their own pictures of scrap metal sculptures. Don’t forget to vote for your favorites, too.

#2 Cat Made From Scrap Metal

Cat Made From Scrap Metal

Igor Verniy Report

RebeccaPennington 3 years ago

Incredible! I Love It! I'd like to have one in my back yard.

#6 And Made Out Of Scrap Metal

And Made Out Of Scrap Metal

Igor Verniy Report

RJazz909 3 years ago

Sorry but i have to do this...*Ant

#8 Scrap Metal Sculpture "Ecstasy"

Scrap Metal Sculpture "Ecstasy"

Karen Cusolito Report

Dental Assisting Technologies 1 year ago

Can prints of this be purchased & how?