Raquel Isabelle de Alderete is a 23-year-old author who recently received a flurry of attention online after she shared her experience with the standardized testing system at school. When she was only in 2nd grade, Raquel was so excited to read the newest addition to the Harry Potter series that she couldn’t even concentrate on her math test. According to her, she failed the test which led to a series of unfortunate events. For the rest of her life, she was deemed ‘considerably bad at math’. Even though Raquel’s text raises an important message about a flawed school system, not everyone agrees with her, saying she’s blaming the system to cover for her own mistake.

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Recently, a 23-year-old writer Raquel Isabelle de Alderete shared her opinion on why standardized tests at school are the worst

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According to her, the current testing system made her believe that she’s terrible at math

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While many thought that Raquel’s message is very important

Others believed that it was her fault for not trying to pass the test

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