This is the most serious feels warning you will ever receive. Do not proceed unless you have tissues handy.

A pharmacy technician named James Morales recently shared a story on Twitter that is literally causing people to break down in tears wherever they are, whether it’s at work, in class, or in the club. Many of us know the joy of having a favorite regular customer at work, and in James’ case, it was an elderly couple who would come to pick up medications. Something was off about their latest trip in, however, and when you find out what it was, you might not be able to get out of bed for the rest of the week.

We’ve told you all we can. It’s in your hands now to scroll down and ruin your own life – just don’t say we didn’t prepare you. If you’d like to contribute to the collective misery, add your own sad story in the comments at the end.

This is James Morales, a pharmacy technician who posted a Twitter thread that is making everyone cry


People were absolutely shaken to the core

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