Joelle Murray is the owner of Grinder Coffee in Toronto. Last year, during the international Toronto Film Festival, she could not get Idris Elba to visit her cafeteria. Yet, last year’s lack of luck did not deter Grinder Coffee from launching a new campaign, only this time in hopes to have a visitation from Ryan Gosling himself.

The idea quickly became viral featured in various media, and soon before late, on the 10th day of the commotion, Ryan Gosling paid a visit to Grinder Coffee!

More info:

Joelle Murray, the owner of Grinder Coffee in Toronto thought of a unique idea how to get celebrities come to her cafe

This year, she made a real-life sized cutout of Ryan Gosling

Along with reasons why he should come to the cafe

Image credits: GrinderCoffeeTO

Image credits: GrinderCoffeeTO

And… It paid off in the end!

Image credits: GrinderCoffeeTO