Sometimes the best solution when tackling the problem is to face it head-on instead of hiding in a bush. That’s exactly the approach of the hero of today’s story, featuring a journalist Ronnie Dahl, who found a brilliant solution when tackling Detroit’s abandoned boats problem. Despite it being a serious issue, it does seem best to look at everything with a sprinkle of humor, which she does on a daily basis working as a journalist. Scroll down below to see what did she come up with!

This is Ronnie Dahl – a Detroit based journalist

In her job as a reporter, she often has to tackle problems ignored by others. In this particular case, it was something everyone was aware of but probably just too lazy to do something about.

Who rolled up the sleeves and decided to do something about the many of Detroit’s abandoned boats

What bothered so many, seemed like a one woman’s job for her, so she took it upon herself to track down the owners of the abandoned boats of Detroit area and become quite known for that in the area.

One Tumblr user noticed something new in her reports this year though

The hat just can’t go unnoticed

Ronnie decided to cheer the reports a bit with the new edition to her look – a captain’s hat. So yes, go ahead and abandon your boat in Detroit if you dare! There’s a good chance you’ll get to appear on a local TV when The Captain tracks you down and brings it back to you.

Her style choices sure cracked the Internet up