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Rockland Arts Festival Is A Feast For The Eyes & Ears!
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Rockland Arts Festival Is A Feast For The Eyes & Ears!


The Rockland Arts Festival is a feast for the eyes and ears! ‘The Artists Speak’ is a unique artist interview series hosted by the festival.


If you could speak with any artist in the world, what would you ask? The festival coordinators interview a wide range of contemporary artists giving them a platform to share their stories and discuss their works. Get inside these artists’ heads and hold on for an exciting ride when ‘The Artists Speak’.


“The festival’s interview series and arts events are high points on the annual calendar as they are a bridge between artists and visitors, fostering a sense of community and supporting those for whom art is their livelihood,” said Andrew Fuge, festival co-coordinator.


For over four years, this annual festival has welcomed visitors worldwide to explore original artwork from over 120 outstanding artists and to attend free online and in-person arts events. The festival draws more than 80,000 people over a two-week period. 


The global community is invited to visit the Rockland Arts Festival online from January 27 through February 10. On Sunday, February 5th, 1:00-4:00pm — join the artists for a family-friendly, free in-person celebration at the Palisades Center in West Nyack, New York. Guests can enjoy live music, interactive art experiences for adults and children, and great dining options. For more information, please visit


PARTICIPATING ARTISTS: Amanda Mauer, Amy Shaw, Andrea B Swenson, Angelina Salgado, Ann Kinney, Aprajita Lal, Ashley Gerst, Barbara Bootz, Barbara Nahmias, Bonnie Rosenstock, Carol Weinberg, Carolee Nastasi, Cass McVety, Christina Alamo Westort, Christa Gonzalez, Collette Fournier, Dan McCormack, David Greene, Dawn Barclay, Debbie Quinn, Diana Shifflett, Dianna Mammone, Dina Maman, Dina Romano, Edward Olsen, Elaine Langer, Elaine Schloss, Elizabeth Lauri, Elizabeth Rundquist, Ellen Woods, Emily Sabree, Eric Kollin, Erica Sobel, Erwin Ong, Ewa Tuman, Franklin Silva, Gia Leigh, Gina Petrecca, Hayden McBride, Helen Lord, Herbert Filmore, Ilene Fox, Irene Cohen, Ivone Milani, Jack Milazzo, Jackie Volkell, Jacqueline Fiore, Jacqueline Torres, James Bennett, Janet Larrea, Janet Pirozzi Riolo, Janis Borgueta, Jeannie Brunton, Jessie Taylor, Jodi Oster, Joe LaMattina, Jonathan Marsland, Judith Nersesian, Kacey Warbrick, Kelly Perez, Kimberlee Roccasanta, Kris Campbell, Laurie Vigoda, Lilly Nin, Lisa Quinn, Lori Henderson, Lori Polson, Marcia Brandwein, Maria Teresa Ortiz-Naretto, Martha Savage, Michelle Reynoso, Mike Martin, Monica Belardi, Neil Lavey, Nicholas Marino, Nicole Spata, Olga Nenazhivina, Ovi Paulter, Paige Trocchia, Pam Grafstein, Philip Feller, Raquel Malta, Rebecca Salo, Rhianna Ruxton, Rich Wagner, Richard Alan Fox, Richard Goldstein, Robin Kline, Roxanne Baldwin, Rujuta Paradkar, Ruth Geneslaw, Samantha Davison, Sarah Gambino, Scot Wittman, Scott Staton, Selby Burke, Shannon Gilmore, Sharon Krinsky, Solomon Guy, Stacy Alessio, Stacy Carner, Steven Levine, Stewart Lucas, Susan Hirsch, Susan Nichols, Susan Pollet, Suzanne Auer, Svetlana Askenazy, Tara Chizinski, Terence Moronta, Theresa Daly, Theresa Polley-Shellcroft, Timothy Dempsey, Tom Acevedo, Tony Ziegler, Tyeese Melton, Wendy Drews, William Bonilla.


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