With the popularity of Instagram at an all-time high, people are beginning to notice the clichés and set formulas that many photographs follow. We all know and recognize the stereotypes: the feet in front of a paradise beach vista, the ‘explorer’ standing on a ridge, gazing thoughtfully over a distant mountain range.

There are certain ‘girl’ stereotypes too, which these guys trolled to hilarious effect, hashtags and all. However, when presented with the chance for a road trip, buddies Stevey and Doug decided to take it to the next level and send up the classic, Instagram-inspired ‘stereotypical girls day out.’ The pair, who have been friends for 8 years and are both avid outdoor enthusiasts, met at college and have since kept in touch despite them both moving back and forth across Canada.

“Doug came to visit for a couple days while he was back from BC, Stevey told Bored Panda. “We had plans to go on a camping trip but some appointments and tight schedules made us cancel it, so we had a free day. Doug was borrowing a sweet Dodge Challenger, so we decided to hit up a couple small towns in the area, do some hikes, have a pint and a bite.”

“I think the joke started once we drove past the sunflower field. There had been an article in the news about sunflower fields getting trampled in southern Ontario by people going in droves to get selfies, so it seemed topical. I think we were joking about hashtags and the idea for a “ Instagram girl’s day out” just sort of came together

All the poses are there, from yoga-zen by the lake to chilling with a glass of red at ‘wine o’clock,’ and it seems that the day was just as much fun as it looked. “Based on how much fun we had and the reaction from the online community I think we will do another one,” Stevey told us. “I think to keep everything balanced we should do a “stereotypical Instagram guy day out” as well. Although a girls day out part two would probably be more enjoyable since part one seemed to be about just enjoying ourselves, relaxing and laughing. I think the girls are on to something! Also, brother Doug makes a great girlfriend.”


Scroll down below to check it out for yourself, and let us know what you think in the comments!

Doug and I set out to have a Instagram inspired stereotypical girls day out. #funinthesun #sunflower

Road trip!



#meditation #yogatags

#longflannelsandcoffee #sozenrn Not pictured is the amazing wood oven pizza we had at this cafe

#itswineoclocksomewhere What started out as a joke actually ended up being a delightful day with brother Doug. 10/10 would do again. Not shown is the all important girls road trip playlist. Must include Party in the USA and Bette Davis eyes. What is your song recommendation for the ultimate girls road trip playlist?


Here’s how people reacted to the hilarious send-up