There are many reasons why a romantic relationship may end. But while sometimes this conclusion comes naturally and goes peacefully, it’s seldom like that when it comes to cheating.

In this Reddit story, the cheater did not intend to give up, even when caught for a second time in the same affair. When the husband realized his wife wouldn’t change, he decided to teach her a lesson with some petty yet sweet revenge that brought a little more satisfaction into this otherwise unpleasant situation.

To save you some confusion upfront, STBXW stands for soon-to-be-ex-wife and AP for affair partner.

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Some relationships, no matter how long, are doomed to end, but it’s always hurtful if they conclude through cheating

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Despite having been cheated on by his wife, the husband worked hard to fix the relationship and the long-time spouses went on a trip to Hawaii

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They were already preparing for the trip back home when the man found out that his wife had been texting her affair partner the whole time


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The man deleted the texts and blocked the contact but didn’t say a thing to his wife, leaving her to simmer in anxiety for the whole flight back and also a few days after

The origins of this story go way back to right before the pandemic. That was when the OP first found out about his wife’s affair with her coworker. However, being stuck in a lockdown together, they managed to work things out. Or so it seemed.

Sometime later, when the COVID threat wasn’t as severe as before, the couple took a trip to Hawaii, where, up until the end, everything seemed fine. Then, as the OP was adding his wife’s vaccine passport for the return flight, he came across messages she was sending the same coworker throughout the entire trip.

At that moment, the man knew he was done. Yet, he chose to approach this calmly and gather more info before moving on.

He purposefully deleted the text thread and blocked the contact. This caused the cheater likely the most anxious 24 hours of her life, as she had to “enjoy” the flight home knowing that something was definitely up but being unable to confront her husband about it as that would have exposed her.


According to the OP, his wife was literally shaking, and not a single word was said throughout the whole trip back. He extended this feeling by waiting 3 more days so he could set himself up to leave and only told her when there was no way back.

People in the comment section and the OP himself were proud of him for remaining this calm in what was possibly the most painful moment of his life. While some people felt sorry for the man, he answered that they shouldn’t be, as he is alright and has already moved on. He also added that the true petty revenge is waiting for his wife’s coworker she was cheating with. Unfortunately, he didn’t get into details on what exactly he’s planning to do.


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Just like with this 20-year marriage, cheating has ended many relationships and is the most common reason for divorce. But does it always have to end in a breakup? Or better yet, why do people cheat in the first place? Well, to get a better insight into these questions, we did some research.

According to, around 2-4% of married people cheat on their spouse within the first year of their marriage. But the whole situation and the reasons behind it are rarely black and white, even though, while consumed by emotions, this may appear differently. 


While infidelity itself is never an admirable act, it doesn’t instantly make a person bad, just like a faithful person isn’t necessarily good. Most cheaters tend to be driven by more than just sexual desire, and their point is rarely to hurt their SO rather than to satisfy their unfulfilled needs.

The article tells us that people often choose this road because they’re feeling trapped and looking for a way out of their current relationship. If one person wants things to end while the other is trying their best to hold on as tight as they can, it creates a situation where both people are unhappy with the results, and sometimes, the only way out that they see is through these drastic measures.

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On the other hand, there are just as many times when people cheat while in totally happy relationships. In this situation, cheaters are usually not looking for something they’re missing and instead are dealing with their own issues in this way. They feel lost, with a possible mix of low self-esteem, which, after the fact, tends to lead to feelings of shame and worthlessness.

And lastly, it sometimes boils down to the simple need for excitement. Nothing might be wrong or lacking in the relationship or in any of the partners. Yet, cheating still occurs as some might be excited by an unexpected attraction and choose to pursue it regardless of the consequences. 


Regardless of all the reasons, cheating doesn’t always have to end in a breakup. If both partners are willing to work things out, rebuilding the relationship is possible. The article says that the best way to do it is by seeking therapy, where a professional can help find out the reasons behind what happened and lead the couple to work out these feelings and how they will proceed from there. 

Ultimately, in relationships, as much as in the rest of life, it’s wise to follow what the great Chinese philosopher Confucius once said: “Don’t do unto others what you don’t want done unto you.” 

And yet, life is unpredictable. We don’t always think with our minds and hurt the people closest to us. But in the end, it all depends on circumstances and our willingness to sort things out. We all have a breaking point, and sometimes, to heal when broken, the best medicine might be some sweet petty revenge.

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Commenters applauded the poster for remaining calm in such a painful situation and agreed that he chose the perfect way to deal with this