Pat Rodriguez from Austin, Texas, is a man of many talents. He describes himself as a singer of songs, an actor of voices, Art Director for Rooster Teeth Animation, and a maker of things. And quite a few of his things have caught the attention of Twitter users all over the world. More specifically, his magical resin creations that look as if they were enchanted by wicked witches.

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“I’ve always been into making, though it definitely started with drawing,” Pat told Bored Panda. “My style tends to lend a little more toward the macabre. So anything with a slightly mysterious feel to it is always fun for me.”

“With resin and wood, there’s this neat outcome of mixing the natural with something super vibrant,” Pat said. “You get the sense that nature could possibly present something like it, but with an almost otherworldly charm. It’s such a neat medium to see how the texture of wood will interact with it.”

“Typically, a piece can take anywhere from 6 to 8 hours with all the carving, sanding, and polishing that needs to be done.
There’s a lot of science that goes into making these types of things.”

“From precise measurements to chemical compounds mixing, it can be a pretty challenging project. Not to mention the ways the wood reacts to things.”

But these difficulties are precisely why Pat loves the whole process. “Getting to learn new things is what makes making so rewarding,” he said. “As well as coming up with interesting ways to mess with the two ingredients. Once a piece is done, there’s immediate relief that something didn’t go wrong this time, haha.”

“The other feeling is that I can’t wait to show it off. I like creating things that can make people go ‘oooh’ and ‘woah.'”

“I usually love a piece if it’s taken me something new to create it,” the artist said. “If I got to learn and experiment. The end result is cool, but if the journey to that point taught me something new, I’ll always ‘love love’ it.”

“And as far as something I’d like to add: I hope people see this and get inspired to create something new. To try and learn a new thing. Doesn’t have to be what I do exactly, but something that they can learn and enjoy.”

Let’s wait and see what the wizard behind these creations is going to present us next.