A team of designers in New Zealand has created a cardboard table called the “Refold” that they claim is “flexible, foldable, portable, affordable and 100% recyclable.”

The table, designed by Fraser Callaway, Oliver Ward and Matt Innes, can support the weight of an adult, despite weighing only 6.5 kg. It can be folded into a sitting position, a standing position, or a portable portfolio-like form. The standing form is especially important because of relatively recent studies that have exposed just how unhealthy sitting for extended periods of time can be.

Check out their Kickstarter campaign for more information – they include option for U.S. donations as well! Proceeds from some of their donation options will help UNICEF New Zealand create better education opportunities for children in the Pacific Islands.

More info: Kickstarter | bestawards.co.nz (h/t: designboom)

As for the near future we are currently focused on developing additions to the desk, such as a water proof/splash proof table top.

The cardboard is left raw, however, the board grade we use is 7mm thick and very durable.

Video on Kickstarter: