Reflection photography is a challenging and unique sort of photography that requires a good grasp of angles and perspective and an ever-vigilant artist’s eye. These 25 super cool photos are just a few examples of the fantastic mirror effect photos that can be taken if you keep your eyes open.

Reflection photos can be hard to capture because they require you to think about your perspective differently. Instead of shooting a beautiful scene head-on just as you see it, you may have to change your viewpoint drastically or even shoot upside-down to be able to capture a good mirror picture. The rewards, however, can be incredible – reflections can place images within images, or apply beautiful and artistic effects naturally – without Photoshop.

From astonishing landscapes to dreamy cityscapes and even portraits, anything can be captured in these beautiful pictures by skilled reflection photographers. So, sit back and scroll down for some truly amazing views.

Inception In New York

Image credits: Trey Ratcliff

Milan Reflected In A Tuba

Image credits: Diego Bardone

Prague In A Wine Glass

Image credits: imgur

Chicago Reflected On Lake Michigan

Image credits: Marc Hersch

An Illuminated Bridge In Comacchio, Italy

Image credits: uccio78

Surreal Self-Portrait With A Mirror Shard

Image credits: Paul Apal’kin

Street Lamp

Image credits: Marco Britto


Image credits: wtek79

Girl Peeks At Apple On Reflective Table

Image credits: Philip Cornish

Grand Palace Reflected On Table In Lille, France

Image credits: elessar91

The World Upside Down

Image credits: Patty

La Defense Reflections in Paris

Image credits: Daniel Vine Garcia

Daily Life Reflections

Image credits: Anil Tamer Yilmazz


Reflected Skyline Of Doha, Qatar

Image credits:

Reflection Of Faith

Image credits: FW Stupidio

Flowers Inside Waterdrops

Image credits: Miki Asai

Scottish Landscape

Image credits: Michal Vitasek

In Silence

Image credits: Jacek Stefan

Colorful Reflected Houses

Image credits: Toni Verdú Carbó


Image credits: Nika Vera


Image credits:

The Blue Mosque in Istanbul, Turkey

Image credits: Bruno Kolovrat

Flowers Reflected In Dewdrops

Image credits: Miki Asai

Let It Rain

Image credits: David Marcu