A father-and-son team in southeastern China have started creating enormous recycled Transformer robot sculptures from spare parts of old cars. And they’ve been selling their sculpture art for more than 1 million yuan (more than $160,000) a year.

The Transformers movies are hugely successful in China, so Yu Zhilin, who is a farmer but has a background in fine arts, decided to start creating robot statues from scrap metal during his spare time. Three years later, he finished his first recycled metal sculpture with his son Lu Yingyun, and the statues only got bigger from there. Now his enormous Optimus Prime and Bumblebee sculptures, assembled in his makeshift workshop, have gone viral!

Transformer characters like these are often bought up and proudly displayed in malls throughout China, and this team isn’t the only one creating such cool art.

More info: shanghaiist.com (h/t: rocketnews24)