It’s the eternal cats vs dogs debate, one that both sides are equally passionate about and one that can never really be settled. Or can it? Pet Foolery, the genius behind one of our very favorite comic strip series Pixie and Brutus, has weighed in on the argument with a new funny comic that lists all the reasons why ‘cats are superior to dogs.’

Now, as you soon see, this webcomic might be ever so slightly biased. Nevertheless, there are some strong arguments for an emphatic victory in the battle of the pets, and the beautiful cats are smarter, cleaner, and better at looking after themselves. These are indisputable facts, unarguable by silly dogs.

The tendency to consider oneself as a ‘cat person’ or a ‘dog person’ is quite understandable, given that they have naturally conflicting temperaments. Dogs are more social and playful while cats prefer their independence; one has to earn the attention of a cat while a dogs’ love is unconditional. The personality of the human quite naturally gravitates one way or the other, but do you really have to choose? With some careful introductions and a little bit of luck, cats and dogs can live together in relative harmony. Why choose one side or another when you can have both? You only have to read Pixie and Brutus to see what can happen when these opposites attract and the sparks fly!

Something tells us that these funny drawings are only telling half the story, and we will hear from the canine perspective soon. In the meantime, scroll down below to see what the cats think, and let us know your opinion in the comments!

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