My name is Sidrit Vaqari. I’ve been sculpting and making pipes for 18 years now. Every epic character inspired me to carve this kind of pipes but Lord of the Rings & the Hobbit are my favorites. I love Gandalf!

So Gandalf is my inspiration… I put all my works on my Instagram account so you can check them out there.

More info: Instagram

It took me about 250 hours to finish this epic character smoking pipe

It’s made from a block of briar wood which is 50 years old

It is a very strong wood… The older, the stronger

So I turned it into a Smaug pipe and I used only knives to carve this wood

After a month of work, the pipe is almost completed

It was a really difficult character!


Finally completed, added a black arrow for tamper to put tobacco into the pipe

Some of my other pipe designs (Gimli son of Gloin in progress)


Gandalf pipe

Davy Jones pipe design

Darth Maul and Gimli son of Gloin

Darth Maul pipe

Gandalf the white smoking pipe

The pipe team (Michelangelo’s Moses, David, and E. A. Poe)