It’s hard to believe, but these lively Koi fish swimming in the bowls are not real at all! A Japanese artist named Riusuke Fukahori is painting these incredibly realistic 3D paintings using acrylic paint layered over clear resin. Just like 3D printer[1], the artists paints the fish layer by layer, with the sandwiched slices revealing slightly more about each creature.

When struggling with artistic vision, Fukahori’s pet goldfish became his creative inspiration and ever since his passion and lifelong theme. His unique art style of painting uses acrylic on clear resin which is poured into containers, resulting in a three-dimensional appearance and lifelike vitality. This exhibition features twenty beautiful paintings by this leading Japanese contemporary artist.”[2]

Riusuke Fukahori’s realistic art exhibition called “Goldfish Salvation” was recently on show at the ICN Gallery in London.



Photos by: Dominic