I had the great fortune to come upon this flipped iceberg in Cierva Cove, Antarctica. The color and appearance of this one were entirely different from any I have ever seen in person or photos. Most are white, but this one was a radiant blue/jade.

I photographed it from a small Zodiac boat with a Canon 5DMKII and a 16-35mm lens. I was shooting raw and the only photo processing necessary was curve adjustments to bring it back to a properly exposed image. The iceberg was this color in real life and required no enhancement to give it this alien appearance. As photos go, I consider this to be the result of being in the right place/time; there was nothing spectacular done on my part to achieve this. Antarctica is clearly a very photogenic place.

I was extremely lucky to encounter this iceberg when I did — it would only be a few days before the sun, water, snow, rain etc. would change the surface color to the standard white/grey.


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Flipped Iceberg in Antarctica

Flipped Iceberg in Antarctica (alt view)

Flipped Iceberg in Antarctica (wide view)

Normal, though massive, Iceberg in Antarctica