Alex and Jess Monney, a couple from California, were renovating their bathroom recently when they made a quite wonderful discovery. While the places that we call home feel to us as they are ours and ours alone, sometimes we get a reminder that quite often, many other people have also inhabited the same space and likely had just as strong a connection.

This was the case when the couple found, hidden inside the bathroom wall, a cheeky note from Mr. and Mrs. Shinseki, previous owners of the house. Along with a cute photo of themselves, the Shinsekis just wanted to know, what was wrong with the way they had modeled the bathroom? The tongue-in-cheek time capsule also included a picture of the rabbit the Shinsekis owned, with “I’m potty-trained” reassuringly written alongside.

After sharing the discovery on Twitter, Alex and Jess’s story quickly went viral and inspired others to share their own bizarre remnants of previous homeowners. As well as this, unanswered questions needed to be answered such as: Who are the Shinsekis and where are they now? Is their rabbit still alive? As of now, the hive mind of the internet is still trying to solve these particular mysteries, time will tell if the answers are found!

Scroll down below to check out the note for yourself, and let us know what you think in the comments!

Meet Alex and Jess Monney, from Bay Area, California. They were renovating their bathroom recently and got a surprise


The previous owners sneakily left them a message!

And they even included a message from their family pet!

Now they’ve been trying to find the previous owners to give them this message:


Their bathroom remodel is looking amazing, btw


Other people started sharing their own similar finds too:

“Found a note from 1981 while demolishing the bathroom”

Image credits: stonedaliens

Not everything people found was cute notes though:


Someone’s grandpa left this puzzling message:

Image credits: Fluffhead_Phan

Other people shared what they left for future owners to find:


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