The pregnancy journey that is uniquely different from each mommy, but yet strangely relatable for all mommies. As a first time mom-to-be, I get to experience some of these ‘moments’ which I’ll treasure for years to come. There’s no other better way to ‘store’ these memories, but to illustrate them through my very own Preggy Visual Journal. Still journaling as I’m nearing my due date, which is on Mother’s Day!!!

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#1 The adventure of a lifetime

#2 These keep me alive

#3 How much is enough?

#4 Legit bump

#5 Knowing more than enough

#6 Baby kicks

#7 Pregnancy itself is an art…

#8 Thank you, for the sharing of your ‘horror’ pregnancy stories

#9 One of the perks of pregnancy is to experience these hiccups

#10 Vivid Dreams

#11 Momesia

#12 Balancing Act

#13 Breathe in! Breathe out!

#14 More, more, more pillows!